August 18th, 2016
Updated Mai and Alena with a lot of fixes and another big upgrade!
Following that, I released Birdie from SFA3 with the same style! Try them out! I worked really hard on them.
All 3 characters are single releases from my future WIP game, Champion's Road! Birdie is a sort of sub-boss.
February 22nd, 2016
It'sa 'nother boss character! Zombone from FFV, FFVI or FFVII! Try him out.
September 21st, 2015
I made my first original character, Buttlet! Check him out because he's best character ever!!! Isn't he adorable?


August 29th, 2015
New section, "Sounds", added! There's not much yet, but check it out.
New character released! Agrias Oaks. Check her out! I worked pretty hard on her.
Also, download that tank. Seriously...I it's cool, okay?
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